Yellow Magnetic Human

Yellow Magnetic Human

Kin 92 – Day 1/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell

We will attract our best humanity today, embodying this form we’re given as a species for its highest worth and good. What can we do with the eminence of influence we have as the peak of the food chain? We may have a reckoning to face in ourselves about the right use of will instead of the wrong.

A human brain can track and categorize the events of its life history and declare some errors, some successes. Other animals live closer to instinctual survival in their lower chakras. Our human being needs to drop back into animalistic impulses – protection, attraction, devotion, evolution. In other words, we have a long way yet to go, and grow, in the circle of all revolution that leads back to the same starting point but with the wisdom of a journey to mark our own change.

So back to basics of humankind: a heart center that floods warmth to all extremities, an urge to procreate that needs both softness in a woman’s womb and a man’s hard warrior edge to shield the vulnerable mother and child. What else is there in our Yellow Human existence that could complicate these simple life programs? Whatever answer comes in an invitation in letting go.


What is my purpose?
I Influence with Wisdom & Free Will

Guiding Power: own power doubled
Antipode Power: White Magnetic Wind
Analog Power: Blue Magnetic Hand
Occult Power: Red Cosmic Moon

Tone Action, Power, Essence:
Attract – Unify – Purpose

Tribe Action, Power, Essence:
Influence – Free Will – Wisdom