Yellow Cosmic Seed

Yellow Cosmic Seed

Kin 104 – Day 13/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell

A Cosmic Seed is a lot like a star, so the heavenly span resembles a handful of sparks strewn across dark soil sky. Today is perfect for seeing the stars as future explosions of color and scent, and the harvest of all we need for soul nourishment in the epochs to come. We are ourselves planting a new aspect of self, digging into the decay of past memories and dreams to regenerate new fruit.

We have to endure a little alone time in darkness, and the temporary discomfort of our stirring life force being confined within a hard, defensive shell. Then it’s all raw nerve endings and the stretch towards light – the sun inviting us home, the broader cosmos encouraging our dream into heavenly ascent.

Let this day be a harmony between the speckle of seed pods on dirt and the spray of stars against the night sky. Let the earth be a mirror of heavens as above, so below. Let yourself endure the hardship of perceived distance between these realms (the duality of your own self), until you transcendentally realize there is never any such separation, only endless reflection of beauty, bloom.


How can I expand my joy & love?
I Target the Flowering of Awareness

Guiding Power: Yellow Cosmic Star
Antipode Power: White Cosmic Wizard
Analog Power: Blue Cosmic Eagle
Occult Power: Red Magnetic Earth

Tone Action, Power, Essence:
Endure – Transcend – Presence

Tribe Action, Power, Essence:
Target – Flowering – Awareness