White Lunar Worldbridger

White Lunar Worldbridger

Kin 106 – Day 2/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell

Today’s microscosmic message is to embrace the challenge of death, to see both sides of it – the loss and the liberation. Every ending is an opportunity for new growth. This is nature’s seminal law and we are not as humans entitled to deny our own mortality’s benefit just because we’ve been scared with pictures of hellfire.

Death is not the end, but the eternity, and life is often more hellish than any afterworld. So we come to this bridge day to feel into the potential peace of passing over, finding heaven’s portal and shining a bit of its endless light into the shadowy terrain of earth. Through the world-bridge pass our ancestors, alighting angels paying homage to us left behind. And we can call to them so easily when the gate of access is wide open.

So beg and pray for wisdom of the ages, guidance from above, and feel it shining on you in Lunar phases, some parts easily reflecting the words and messages – some still shy and in the dark.


What is my challenge?
I Equalize Death with Opportunity

Guiding Power: White Lunar Mirror
Antipode Power: Yellow Lunar Warrior
Analog Power: Red Lunar Skywalker
Occult Power: Blue Crystal Eagle

Tone Action, Power, Essence:
Polarize – Stabilize – Challenge

Tribe Action, Power, Essence:
Equalize – Death – Opportunity