Red Magnetic Serpent

Red Magnetic Serpent

Day 1/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell

Just yesterday we were in human form, upstanding, outstanding, vertical and rigid. Today we’ve melted into a slippery snake skin and feel the nuances of life unencumbered by limbs or analysis. We are no longer distanced from the earth itself, limited to our footprint, but are supine, horizontal, elongated to feel the seismic shifts well below the surface.

This is our life now – not complicated, not brainy, not even warm hearted. Our work is only to feel sensually – a ripple, a rise – and rub against whatever we encounter with our whole being. It’s famously sexual, as Red Serpent offers our most instinctual survival need – the act of procreation. We are woven in this time to all phallic imagery, all kundalini shivers, all appetites for undulation.

And we manage that against the backdrop of modern life – separated from direct touch by computer screens offering Skype. Right now we throw ourselves back evolutionarily to original sin, the snake in the garden, all the ripe seduction therein. We celebrate its primality as actual purity.


What is my purpose?
I Survive through Instinct & Life Force

Guiding Power: own power doubled
Antipode Power: Blue Magnetic Eagle
Analog Power: White Magnetic Wizard
Occult Power: Yellow Cosmic Warrior

Tone Action, Power, Essence:
Attract – Unify – Purpose

Tribe Action, Power, Essence:
Survive – Life Force – Instinct