Red Lunar Skywalker

Red Lunar Skywalker

Kin 93 – Day 2/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell – Portal Day

We walk the path of the ever-changing moon: vacillating from an invisible presence, in shadow, to radiant reflection of our greatest light source. Eclipsed, aligned, tidal and tuned into astronomical shift, we are pulled forward and back by lunar grace.

Red Skywalker time is our chance at prophecy. We are cast out of our footprint, our cushy comfort zone on the planet’s surface – or for some of us we feel only liberated from gravity’s firm hold. Once skyward, we get whispers of heavenly intent, a preview of what’s coming soon to earth, near you. We are lifted into the daydream of an infinitely-dimensional view – so much like dipping into a stash of hallucinogens, or plant medicine, to get clarity from being high.

The Red Skywalker jaunt shows us a past-future blend to bring back to the now as a nourishing enrichment to our tired box meals, their plain flavors. Today especially, our tour is through Lunar brightness: a spotlight that for now invites us to see ourselves ever more clearly, starkly, day into night.


What is my challenge?
I Explore the Wakefulness of Space

Guiding Power: Red Lunar Serpent
Antipode Power: Blue Lunar Night
Analog Power: White Lunar Worldbridger
Occult Power: Yellow Crystal Star

Tone Action, Power, Essence:
Polarize – Stabilize – Challenge

Tribe Action, Power, Essence:
Explore – Space – Wakefulness