Planetary Moon – every April 4 – May 1


Perfect – Produce – Manifestation

How do I perfect what I do?

The Planetary moon is the tenth of 13 in a 365-day solar cycle that begins July 26 with the rise of Sirius at dawn. In the first, Magnetic moon we discovered our purpose for the entirety of this 13 Moon year. In the second, Lunar moon we identified the challenge within our purpose, the obstacle we have to integrate or overcome to reach our divine intent. In the third, Electric moon, we felt the presence of the god force fill the distance and discord between our purpose and challenge. In the fourth Self-Existing moon, we were shown specifically what form our service would take, the foundation for the temple this year represents. In the fifth, Overtone moon we were given the empowerment to move our vision upward, and in the sixth, Rhythmic moon, we developed a cadence to pace ourselves in our deep work of this year. In the seventh, Resonant moon we attuned ourselves to the divine world for a moment of inspiration and regeneration. In the eighth, Galactic moon, we integrated the Resonant channel we received with everything we had initiated in the first six moons of the year, creating harmony within and without.

After this intense preparatory work, we are ready in the ninth Solar Moon to pulse our intention for this year’s manifestation of our purpose. The tenth Planetary moon is an immediate response from the divine forces – our prayers answered and wishes granted in an identifiable way within our earth reality.

We can only have this sort of interplay with the heavens – a fast turnaround and manifestation of our truest desires – because of the fearlessness and determination we have shown in the first nine moons of the year. Synchronized with endless summer, fall and winter, these initial stages of growth took us deeper and deeper into the heart of our own darkness and allowed us to face our fear of anything in shadow. For the most part the work was not the discovery of real danger, but an awakening to the harmlessness of what we have perceived as a threat or trauma. In truth, the year’s wavespell is an image of overcoming fear and suffering, not being broken by it. The shape of a building wave makes this growth literal: we climb up and over an obstacle, a challenge. The first nine moons are an invitation to use the blockages on our path as a means to scale to greater heights – steps, then, towards ascension, just as the structure of the Mayan temples.

A challenge, such as we are always shown in the second Lunar moon, is an invitation to grow – not a curse or incurable malady. We are challenged so that we can stretch, increase our intelligence and strength, and make use of the gifts and talents we have already available. It pushes us forward, makes us lean on the earth for foundational grounding and pray to the skies for inspiration and guidance. We are extended between the polarities of our footprint on land and our imaginings of the cosmos, balanced between terrestrial and celestial worlds. This is the health and vitality, now, of our human experience: we are neither exclusively earthen and entirely rational, nor spaced out and far gone into imaginal surrealities far beyond this planet. We integrate both extremes in our own upright bodies, and walk a path that works in both planes.

The Planetary moon is this manifestation – the integration of the lowest low with the highest high. That sounds like healthy temperament – no cascading downward spirals, or explosions of manic optimism – as well as good divinity. In the Planetary moment, we are stretched from the foundation we created in the first stages of the year to the farthest height we can reach, pushing against the atmospheric and gravitational forces that keep us on earth. We love, right now, our planet. We are wed to it, rooted here but using it, too, as a platform for our personal expressions, an upward extension of self. As they say, we reach for the skies. But we have our feet firmly planted on the ground.

The Planetary moon is the highest point of our annual waveform, and it’s the evidence of all the moons that precede it – that they have a part in the building of this monument, this mountain. The Himalaya, the Sierras, the Andes are all wave peaks of granite, pushed by plate tectonics into giant wrinkled crests, and ultimately over eons they will spill over. When we are at the mountaintop of our wavespell of time, we are as imposing, grand and awesome as these famous ranges. We hold the splendor of embodiment – the synthesis of earth and sky, the yin-yang balance shown in the silhouette of rocky peak against sunlight.

When we move through the Planetary moon, we can feel what we have built, erected and overcome in the year to date. We have greater confidence, much accomplishment, and can see that earlier dreams and desires have been made real. We are also carried by energy, rather than pushing our way forward. We are riding the wave that we set, moons back, in motion. Now, like a surfer, we can catch the surging empowerment and trust it to take us farther into manifestation. For 28 days, we watch even more growth unfold, layer higher towards heaven, and feel the connection with the divine more palpably as we rise closer to its presence.

The challenge that was once before us is now below us, part of our support system. That is the change of a 13 Moon year and its central teaching. We could have run from our challenge and the problem it presented. But in this discipline of mental, spiritual, emotional and physical growth, we trust instead that if we bear down towards what offers itself as a dare, a quest, we will be able to use the wisdom of our warrior journey to strengthen us and rise above it. We also have integrated our challenge, the density of this towering wave evidence of how much volume we’ve moved and amassed. In the Planetary time we can feel the way we are thick, weighty, solid. Where we once were a filament or even invisible, we now can be seen from far distances and pushed against, leaned into, scaled for a great, clarifying view.

This is the celebration of the Planetary apex of our year. There’s nothing to deny its massive accomplishment, its grandeur and beauty. Treasure the way you have grown and the cycles of fear and courage that allowed you to arrive so close, actually, to the stars that inspired you. Feel all that once presented itself as an obstacle is now part of your bone structure and flexibility. Use the height you’ve attained to take in the panoramic vistas and remembrance of where you started. Also allow this moment to be a display of your year’s purpose – what gift or service you have been redesigned through self-emergence to offer.

Then feel the inevitability of more change to come. The alternate portrayal of the Planetary stage of growth is that it is the end of the line, the wave’s crest a death, actually, of the life force that surged it upward so extremely. Just as gravity and our need for oxygen stops us from levitating into space, we can palpably feel the Planetary moon as the moment when our wave’s growth is complete, can go no higher because its power wanes against much greater natural forces. We are held here on the planet, and the wave turns over against that stark truth, falls back into earth’s fold rather than endlessly reaching into the sky. We feel that teaching, too, in this moon – being held back, having to come homeward from an odyssey that seemed for a time infinite in its outreach.

There are three moons to follow this one, with their own rapturous illumination that work against egoic constraints like accomplishment and permanence. They portray a breaking wave and are a perfect antidote to our culture that likes to always aim high, build upwards. Too often we view collapse and destruction as weakness, rather than relaxation and freedom from form and obligation. So we have more to learn in this year’s arc about letting go and coming home to ourselves rather than always moving towards outward/upward manifestation for success and self-identification.

The 13 Moon calendar is a depiction of nature’s laws as a spiritual path, the wave shape of time showing us cyclical and circular returns, as well as the expansive transformation that comes when we aligns ourselves to rhythms of growth and recession. When we follow the wavespell, we get to sample and sink into every part of organic life, from full extension to inevitable retraction. We are invited into awareness of such surges that exist and inform every soul on this planet, even those with no consciousness of them.

The Planetary moon is an opportunity to grow more conscious and awake, to take the vibrancy of newly realized potential and turn it into everlasting wisdom. We can raise planetary consciousness, mass consciousness, in this way. If we struggle in this time, it’s in delivering our part in that transformation, raising the planetary mind, caring for the planetary body. So we can ask now for clarity from our guides, that our manifestation be in raised awareness and sensitivity to the collective, not just for our own survival.

The Planetary moon is a time of manifestationof our year’s most illustrious work, when our purpose is made material, nameable, and within our life on earth, real. We use the 28 days to hone what this annual wavespell has produced, to perfect what we do. There is no need to be continually perfect in this 13 Moon count, but now is the moment when attention to detail, completion and the high art of accomplishment are celebrated.

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