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Command – Empower – Radiance

How can I best empower myself?

The Overtone moon is the fifth of 13 in a 365-day solar cycle that begins July 26 with the rise of Sirius at dawn. In the first, Magnetic moon we discovered our purpose for the entirety of this 13 Moon year. In the second, Lunar moon we identified the challenge within our purpose, the obstacle we have to integrate or overcome to reach our divine intent. In the third, Electric moon, we felt the presence of the divine fill the distance and discord between our purpose and challenge. And in the fourth Self-Existing moon, we were shown specifically what form our service would take, the foundation for the temple this year represents.

The Self-Existing moon was a careful detailing of what daily work we will do this year in service to the collective, and also illustrated what in our life weakens or exhausts us, deterring us from being able to serve at all. Old habitual responses, mostly overextending ourselves and leaving our centers in tired attempts to be ‘good’ and get a lot done, fell away. The elimination of ways we are not best of service helped to show what remained: the true ways we will offer our strengths to the world. This process of clarification was a necessary precursor to the Overtone moon, when we empower our service, feel the strength to rise and give ourselves completely to the cause of this solar year.


The annual wavespell of 13 moons presents a lot of hard work in its first quarter. We are shown our purpose and the challenge within it, the integral conflict we will seek to resolve and reintegrate all year. We are awakened to the influence of the divine world in helping us heal this gap, while also reminded that in return for spiritual support we devote ourselves to choosing a path that supports all life, not just our own longings. Letting go of our perceptions of what we want, and discovering what the universe knows we need, is a deep process of surrender. We have sorted through this liberation for four moons, and maybe we feel exhausted from the self-reflection and stripping away of egoic control.

If we do arrive at the Overtone moon already spent, we are perfectly prepared to receive its deep teaching. The resonance of these 28 days is to empower us, to reward the ways we have surrendered personal power strategies with a higher power – the divine will carries us from here in. It’s as though we had to spend four moons letting go of the reigns, getting out of the driver’s seat, giving in to being guided. And since we now are willing to be passengers, relieved to be, the true journey of ascension can begin.

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We are in fact going to rise in this moon, the wave of the year’s long arc now climbing above sea level, skyward. We are going to slowly push closer to the stars, the sun and its source of light and heat, over the next five moons until we have reached the crest and can go no higher. The Overtone moon is the moment when we begin to unfurl our gathered energy and climb out of the stasis of the horizon line. We are being carried by the held momentum of these last moons, the ways we did not bolt forward head first, spin too fast in a rush to win some invisible race. The teaching has been the opposite, that we need to practice careful preparation, and check our intentions regularly against the Golden Rule. It’s not been easy and we have to really love ourselves for having endured the attitude change towards considering the collective and how to give more and take less without overtaxing our bodies and souls.

The Overtone moon is when we can slow down and be carried, even as the evolution towards a more holistic life stance starts to speed up. Immediately we will be busy, opportunities arriving readily and clarity allowing us to choose how to proceed in efficiency and excitement. We will feel like the hardship, the forced slow-motion, is behind us, and the agility of this new mood will make us more joyful, flush with energy. But the difference is that we are like well-honed athletes, trained well over four moons and now able to enjoy the race, the pace, because we have been stretched and exercised towards the right use of will and our musculature. In another metaphor, having given up the fight of doing everything by ourselves or for ourselves, we now are invigorated by a divine source, solar powered instead of eating up our own energy reserves and consequently exhausted.

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In the Overtone moon, we simply let the power surge carry us upward: out of depression – which means being pushed down – or any holes or hiding places we may have stumbled into. We are bolder, more visible, radiant. The sacred geometry of the fifth moon is the shift from being a 4-pointed square to a 5-pointed star, which can also be traced into a circle. We are not boxed into form now, but break out into spectral light rays and round enclosure. We can roll, and radiate heat, are curved and malleable instead of sharply angular. There is a natural feminine quality to soothe us after the edgy, perimeter-protecting male shapes of a point, line, triangle and square in the earlier moons. It’s not women on top, even as we ascend in our waveform, as much as women encircling. Whatever our gender we glow now in the radiance of an enveloping pregnancy, that round belly housing something which will birth new promise. We also can feel into the circling embrace that heals all rough edges, hardships and offer that to each other in these darker days.

The Overtone moon breaks away from the blue print, the foundation even, of this full 13 moon year; we are embodying our best laid plan, shaping the dream towards reality, and the work gets easier now, more jubilant, light-filled and joyful.


The Overtone moon is when we command our own inner armies, charm the crowd of our fragmented parts, and decide to work in wholeness towards the service we are here to offer. There’s an insistence, a strong will and a reserve of divine energy we can attune to in the process; we are basically bossing ourselves into stardom on the stage of our year’s theatrical. No more hiding. And be reassured that we will feel the play that comes with this drama, as well as the more serious lessons. We can command attention from others by being committed to the full expression of our needs, not worrying whether being needy is bad. It isn’t bad, it’s real, and that is part of the loud instruction we will hear from the angels and guides in this time. Be honest and forthright with what you need to help the process of rising and circle of healing in the Overtone moon, and the divine realm will answer by toning with you, over you, as a steady drone and dream of support.

We empower ourselves through the devotion we have refined in the previous moons. We are stronger now because the closer we climb in our waveform towards the sky, the sunlight, the more power we receive from that solar source. It’s a neat trick, the practice of enlightenment that only breeds more light. The darkness of the winter, and the shadows we have explored in recent moons, are not something we are running from as much as warming and bringing back into the starshine of the larger world beyond ourselves. Radiance– radial light emissions – is something we ingest in the Overtone moon; we feel the sparks all around us and take them through inhalations and the pores of our skin. Ultimately, like the Peacock this moon represents, we are ourselves shimmering iridescence, our inner eye so strong, so radiant, it bursts like plumes and becomes our rainbow marking.


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