Blue Electric Hand

Kin 107 – Day 3/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell – Portal Day

Everyday right now is a portal to plunge through. Duck in to to avoid this endless earth reality, finding that alternate universe called the Dreamtime. Follow the opening where there was once a wall, and keep going.

The Blue Hand time is for completion, accomplishment, our opposable digits pulsing to create and tie loose ends. Our hands are to serve our hearts – outreach, crafted love letters, easy touch of healing warmth. Feel your fingers fly over the piano keys, computer consul, skin of a beloved: wherever the open door leads you.

Whenever the day charges us with energy, it’s divine in origin and meant to fuse distance and polarity with zingy verve and enchantment. Make the best use of today’s god power by being pushed through the portal in the direction that Electric jolt chooses. When you arrive, lay your hands all over whatever you find there.


How can I best be of service?
I Know the Accomplishment of Healing

Guiding Power: Blue Electric Monkey
Antipode Power: Red Electric Earth
Analog Power: Yellow Electric Human
Occult Power: White Spectral Wizard

Tone Action, Power, Essence:
Activate – Bond – Service

Tribe Action, Power, Essence:
Know – Accomplishment – Healing