Blue Self-Existing Eagle

Blue Self-Existing Eagle

Kin 95 – Day 4/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell

Our form of service these days is to take flight, even be cold and removed, in order to teach the landed beings of our planet better ways to heal. It’s the same gesture as rising into our mind in order to sort out the dysfunction of our lower chakras – a Western medical approach or a type of psychoanalysis.

Holism is not Blue Eagle‘s specialty, so airy, so inclined to distance and solitude. But from that ascetic place of mental observation or meditation on a mountain high, answers do come that can serve others caught in the maelstrom of emotional and physical challenge. Today of 20 we are allowed and asked to be in our minds, unfeeling and instead solving the problems that others bring to us in tears.

We are creative in our critical thinking – not destructive – holding wisdom that absolutely can reconnect broken relationships, breaking hearts, even as our wide wingspan takes us farther away from intimacy ourselves. It’s one day, one teaching, one remove from mammalian warmth into the cool, clear atmosphere.


What form will my service take?
I Create with Mind & Vision

Guiding Power: Blue Self-Existing Monkey
Antipode Power: Red Self-Existing Serpent
Analog Power: Yellow Self-Existing Seed
Occult Power: White Planetary Dog

Tone Action, Power, Essence:
Measure – Define – Form

Tribe Action, Power, Essence:
Create – Vision – Mind